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Converting Email To Database Records

Email2DB is a powerful message automation tool that you can use to convert email and other types of message to database records. It will convert any sort of form-based messages to Database, Excel or CSV records.

Email2DB can read email messages from multiple sources (POP3 Servers, IMAP Servers, Exchange Servers, Twitter Feeds, Web Pages, RSS Feeds and external databases). You can create any number of 'Triggers'. A trigger is a set of conditions that Email2DB will check for (for example, a specific 'from' address, or specific words in the subject line). If a message passes the trigger conditions, Email2DB will process a series of 'Actions' against it. These actions include the updating of a database, sending email responses, printing reports and many more.


Email2DB can parse and extract data from emails and update multiple database types, including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Pervasive, Access and any other database that supports ADO or ODBC. It can also save data to Excel spreadsheet or CSV files.


Email To Database

Email To Database


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